Why I am Dinosore?

…because I roar and  not like a wild cat,  but like a T-Rex in Jurassic Park,

because  my instincts try to convince me that  I am the crafty raptor

because  I was once sort of  computer literate and savvy,

because  once I was fond of  flow-charts and  algos before cooking the best baingan-bartha became the passion of my life

because back then  I had one Bible: An Introduction to Computer Science- An Algorithmic Approach by Tremblay and Bunt,  (see I still remember the names)

because I used to love tech-stuff and was illogically-logical,  now I am merely illogical,

because I need to find that logical part of  myself

because I want to see how much one Dinosore can  learn, how much I remember and how much is forgotten

because  this is an inspired project

because I always loved programming,

can I do it?

Yes, because I want to,  not because  I have to

plus I need to be able to swear at something,  it is good for my system, I am a UNIXe  system  with a DOSe of  sore humor,





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