Day 3: Content with words and a word about traffic

I think that the most basic need for any website is the  words we feed them,   without the words, there are no visitors.

Think of it like this:  If I were to visit a site, and don’t find anything new to read,  will I be back ? Absolutely not. 

And that is what I am in the process of developing, alongside the development of the website. 

It is a long-term commitment,  Rome may have been or not been built in a day, but my site is going to teach me a few things before it is hosted.

And I am a lovin the tedious thoughts and  odd work hours.


Here is one link that may e interesting for anyone who happens to be working on a web-site,  and how to increase the traffic,   I have it here for the simple reason that the tips have been  learnt hands-on and  maybe they may work for me as well as for you. 

However do remember that  everything is case-specific,  everything.

Here is the link:



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