Day 2: The universe lends a hand at building the website

We were walking  to the supermarket and there was this little bookshop that sells books. There were books on sale,  and one of them was a Haynes publishing:

Build Your Own  Website by Kyle  MacRae, a solid hardcover  that looks reliable. I was intrigued,  and had to pick that book up and browse. But the best part was when the salesperson told me it was a deal at  two dollars.

I bought it. Yes, it was published in 2005,  but it has everything I need to know for starters. I mean to bake apple pie, I need to preheat the oven and pick the apples, right?

I have been  lugging it across the places we were to, and pouring the contents into that space between my ears, I think some call it mind,  I call it Random  Access Memory.

Now the most important thing there is that they have a link to a site that helps us build a website. The pages can be downloaded and worked on.  I don’t much like the way the pages look, but like I said,  I need to begin somewhere and the universe threw the apple into my lap, so to speak.

here is the link to the software:

Yes I downloaded the debugged version. It seems retro but it works.

I would like very much if any of you have tried to build a web-page, and anyone can suggest other such sites.

And do let me know how the first experiment goes. I did not bake a pie the first time,  I burnt it. 

Well, that is it for today,  tomorrow, maybe I will kick-start the actual building of the site, using the book of course. 




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